Monday, August 31, 2009

Dolphin Free Tuna

What I am about to say my shock some of you, while delighting others. Until last year, I honestly had no idea that it was a bad thing to have a little dolphin in with your tuna. I have always purposely avoided the brands of tuna that say "Dolphin Safe", because I consider dolphin to be a sort of delicacy. I thought it was some sort of name brand thing, where only the cheap brands couldn't afford to put a some dolphin meat in with the regular old tuna meat.

"Wow, Dolphin meat must be worth a ton" I would say to myself. I always wondered why they didn't include a percentage rating to show how much dolphin the tuna had, like, "contains 25% real dolphin meat". I would have scooped that up in a heartbeat.

Also, I always wondered why there were no fishing shows that were out there catching record setting dolphins.?.? "Oooooh, he's a 300 pound Bottle nose for sure!" "Man we thought we had us a big old Spotted, but it was just a dirty old Tuna!

Come to think of it, this explains why I was tossed out of Sea World, after inquiring about dolphin burgers at the food stand. "What!?!, Seaworld doesn't have dolphin burgers!?! That's like not being able to get simple Giraffe sandwich at the Zoo.